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Life’s Cheat Sheets (LCS) is a #1 Best-Selling series of street-smart skills books that inspires young adults and up to learn critical, real-life skills that they will use throughout their life to achieve results beyond their dreams. Even with all of his degrees, it’s based on Jeff’s 30 years of creating, managing, and growing companies “on the street” rather than from textbooks, with chapters ending with “What Would Jeff Do” action steps to push them to get started now. LCS lays out important life skills such as mental focus, marketing/sales, goal achieving, negotiation, financial & estate plans, etc. that schools barely brush upon (see more under the About LCS tab).

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  • Do you need a job or more income?
  • Are you having difficulty paying all of your bills?
  • Do you not know where you are headed?
  • Are you a parent/grandparent and want to help your child succeed?
  • Are you in an organization and are struggling to climb the ladder?
  • Are you leading a company and need to increase sales or profit?

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