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Life’s Cheat Sheets: Crucial Success Habits School Never Taught You (Success) inspires readers to learn critical, real-life, street-smart skills, showing them how to control their mind, think big, and take daily action to achieve results beyond their dreams.

Success lays out crucial life skills that schools barely brush upon. It teaches readers how to “grab the bull by the horns” and steer their life in the direction they want it to go. Success gives techniques on mind control, then outlines key techniques to accelerate their success, and concludes with essential life planning. It shows how to expand their thinking, develop a plan, and jump start their life by taking action now to get ahead of the crowd.

Success is written in easy-to-understand language that can be applied right away. Humor is sprinkled in to keep readers interested, and inspiring quotes and graphics highlight important principles. Lots of additional resources are provided along with many actual experiences to easily understand the concepts. Chapters end with “What Would Jeff Do” steps to apply what was laid out and challenge their families and friends to learn these concepts. But most of all, action steps to help readers get started now.

Success is written in a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) format so the mind can more easily understand and retain the information. It shows readers how to harness the underutilized subconscious mind, strengthen it, and align it with their deepest desires, letting it assist them toward accomplishing their goals daily. Success gives techniques for squashing typical negative thoughts and focusing on their strongest desires. It shows them how to establish a regular routine for a healthy and clear mind. It tones them to get out of their comfort zone multiple times a day. Success helps convert dreams to reality by teaching techniques that have been well tested with others. It can be used as a pocket guide to reference throughout life, filled with foundational skills all adults need.

Success can be given to staff to demonstrate company support for employee growth and a related contest can establish department/small group, healthy challenges to assure staff members apply the skills. It can be given as a bonus with a sale, used with a mail-in coupon after a purchase, offered as a discounted item with a purchase, or a given as a motivational tool for subordinates or a down line. It could also be used as a free gift for returning a postcard or making a phone call in response to a solicitation. Potential uses are endless with its low volume cost.

Parents and grandparents can partner with their children and grandchildren to help them hone these skills, which will allow them to bond and support them as they experience new, challenging situations outside of their comfort zone. These skills are designed to keep readers from working paycheck to paycheck and entering the rat race that many adults find themselves in with no apparent way out. This series of books will encourage long term patronage and can be customized for your company. With part of the proceeds benefiting a national charity, your company will benefit from positive goodwill, spreading your brand to all of their followers. Success continues to help readers across the country come out of one of the worst recessions we’ve experienced in decades and prevents them from suffering if it re-surfaces.

Success offers a unique partnering arrangement that will allow your company to get its message out and reach your target audiences with great material that will build your brand nationwide. Deemed as the anti-bailout plan the country needs to readers how to succeed in life, Success fills vital gaps in the typical school curriculum by providing long-term foundational, proven success techniques to readers before they find themselves in a dismal situation many people experienced in the economic downturn.

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