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I add resources I mention in Life’s Cheat Sheets and from talks so you can learn daily too. Just search for any of these people online and you’ll be directed to their resources. Step into your “discomfort” zone and enjoy.

Robert Allen–Real Estate
Dr. Robert Anthony–Intention Statements rather than Affirmations
William Arruda–Personal Branding
Janet and Chris Attwood–Passion Test
Kevin Bacon–Six degrees of separation
Richard Nelson Bolles–What Color is Your Parachute/Occupation Search
Crystal Bowersox–Singer/Goals
BNI–Business Network International/Building Your Network
Rhonda Byrne–The Secret
Jack Canfield–Personal Development/Chicken Soup/The Success Principles
Jim Carey–Movies/Goals
Jim Cockrum–Internet Businesses
Paula Creamer–Golfer/Goals
Ellen Degeneres–Talk Show Host/Goals
Michael Dell–Founder/Goals
Hal Dworkin–Eliminate Negative Thoughts
Thomas Edison–Never Fail/Never Give Up
Harv Eker–Personal Development
Tim Ferriss–4 Hour Work Week/Outsource
Roger Fisher and William Ury–Negotiation
Bill Gates–Founder/Goals
Michael Gerber–Personal Development
Scott Ginsberg–Nametag Guy/Personal Development
Jeffrey Gitomer–Sales
Jon Goldman–Real Estate/Getting Unstuck
Mark Victor Hansen–Personal Development/Chicken Soup
LeBron James–Basketball/Goals
Bruce Jenner–Olympian/Goals
Michael Jordan–Basketball/Goals
Robert Kiyosaki–Rich Dad, Poor Dad/Investing
Carol Kline–Happy For No Reason/Positive Thinking
Loral Langemeier–Real Estate/Investing
Martin Latz–Negotiation
Morty Lefkoe–Eliminate Negative Beliefs
Jay Conrad Levinson–Guerrilla Series
Harvey MacKay–Personal Development
Mark Matteson–Speaker/Personal Development
Leila McKinley–Social Media Specialist
Ronald Miller–Goal Setting/Mindset
Alex Mondossian–Teleseminar Host
Doug Ottersburg–Mobile Home-Parks Investing/Hypnotist
Michael Phelps–Swimmer/Goals
David Riklan–Internet Income Streams
Maynard Sauder–Family Founder/Barter
Terry Schiavo–Estate Plan/Living Will
Marci Shimoff–Happy For No Reason/Positive Thinking
Janet Switzer–Online Businesses/Co-writer The Success Principles
Donald Trump–Investor/Goals/Perception
Virtual Assistants–Time Management
Jeff Wilson–Lifes Cheat Sheets/Goals/Personal Development
Stephanie Winston–Time Management/Organization
Tiger Woods–Golfer/Goals
Zig Ziglar–Sales/Negotiation/Personal Development

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