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Looking for a few local high schools or colleges to enter this contest that pits teams/classes against teams/classes. There will be no fee to the schools or the contestants in this first contest round. Each contestant gets a detailed line item budget with several suggestions as to ways to increase income lines and decrease expense lines, ultimately stretching their money and increasing their net income. They will have to get formal quotes for items to show that the change in the line item can be implemented currently; therefore, is realistic and counts for them. It is meant to instill some creativity while learning the details and skills related to managing these items they will use as they graduate and move on their own or onto college. We will formalize the details related to the workbook and the contest as we utilize them during this first round, make any needed improvements and changes, then roll it out nationwide. See further explanation below the video.

I have a best-selling book series launched called Life’s Cheat Sheets. The launch book contains the first three books combined into (your best) P.A.L. Blueprint to Success System. The sections are Program your mind, Accelerate Success w/Street Smart Skills, and Life Planning 101. It is meant to complement typical curriculum with crucial success skills you don’t normally get in high school/college, but need in adult life. I saw that state/federal class requirements don’t include much of any of these areas that really helped me get ahead and I had to learn them on my own so I want to fill this curriculum gap.

We hold a contest as a part of your class or between classes, pitting groups against each other using the “big thermometer” type grid (like when raising funds for something) posted in a busy area to show who is ahead of whom, how far each group is, and how much time is left in the contest which would help make it a priority. I own two website domains (,, one of which I will use to post details about this contest, give ideas, resources, the current standings of the contest, and maybe the thermometers (as soon as I find someone to help with Word Press). It is meant to get kids creatively thinking about these items, especially in our current economy, before it is their responsibility in their own family as well as to take action to make these life skills part of their life now.

They can get ideas in my launch book (they will get the full e-book FREE) and more from my Crucial Financial Habits book (they will get the relevant parts of the draft e-book FREE). It is an exercise that continues for several weeks (similar to the Toledo Blade’s stock contest where schools compete) that would allow them the time to learn income and expense details and how to stretch their money. They would use a realistic, detailed line item fictitious family’s budget I would supply to take action on increasing income lines and decreasing expense lines resulting in an increase in the net income (difference of income and expense). They will be instructed that they would use this new money to build an emergency fund, pay off loans, save for retirement, save to afford a specific short or long term goal, maybe a vehicle or home down payment, or save toward one of their long-term life goals.

My Participation:
I would mentor as needed, by email, through my e-zine (they will get for FREE), over a group conference call, speaker phone during class or study hall, maybe Skype or teleseminar or webinar, and visit the class occasionally to give ideas, offer options, problem solve, and keep the fire burning. I will put together a small workbook of forms and specific ways to increase income items and decrease line item expenses as well as other helpful items to assist them through it, working with you the whole time.

We would put together some prizes for those that have made the most changes, most creative changes, the highest $ net increase, and the highest % net increase so if we ultimately use different budgets everyone has the option to win. I will give signed books, I may have video DVD’s or audio CD’s by then, plus I can give a personal consult with them or their family to give them other ideas on increasing their personal net and setting/achieving their goals. I may be able to get a couple local merchants involved too.

Why are you doing this?:
Through my investing and other projects I have worked with and know of many families and businesses that are struggling, have lost cars, homes, jobs, gone bankrupt, into foreclosure, etc. and believe many would not be in the situations they are in if they utilized strong financial principles. Had these skills been pushed heavily in school along with other required courses, I know many would not have suffered to the degree I’ve seen. So, I want a vehicle to be able to teach this in schools that students will get into which is why I chose the contest and a way to get bragging rights/recognition.

For this beta test group, I am going to pay the costs for most everything and utilize it to get input from teachers and students to learn what specifically worked for them, modifying the system and content to be very strong before I roll it out to schools and colleges across the country. I will ask for positive comments from teachers and students on what they learned and how it helped. I will also give recognition to you and the class in the final print version of my materials. I would like your school to become a model that others look toward to roll it out in their school, which is why I am giving you the first option.