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Since this is my long-term anti-bailout solution for young adults (really all adults), I am partnering with several organizations to get this information out so it spreads quickly and helps turn the country around. If you act now, you can be one of my key partners in teaching these critical skills.

If your company, school, association, or non-profit partners with me, I will coordinate with you to print a customized Special Edition of this book that will allow you to replace the first two pages with highlights of your organization and its brand in each copy produced for your organization. You can include your name and logo, a press release, a statement from the board or CEO, key officers, products or services, a new launch or initiative, etc. We can also partner concurrently with a charity of your choice, donating a part of the proceeds to it while benefiting your organization from the associated goodwill and spreading your brand to all of the charity’s subscribers. You can feature our partnership in your marketing materials, which will demonstrate your concern for educating and equipping people with the skills to succeed in life, and I will prominently list you as a key partner in my marketing materials.

There are many great ways you can offer your customers extra value and make an impact on them with this book. You can give the customized book as a premium, as an added bonus with a purchase, with a mail-in coupon after a purchase, as a free gift for making a phone call in response to a solicitation. Or you can give it to your customers as a free gift without making a purchase, or at a reduced price with a purchase or contact to your organization. Use your creativity. Alternatively, you could give it to your staff for staff development or give it to your key clients. If you’re in a role like financial advisor, banker, or relationship marketer, you could give it to any clients who are parents as a gift to their kids. This way, you can develop younger, multi-generational clients. Why not use the book to motivate subordinates or relationship marketers in your down-line?

I will also speak to your organization and participate in conferences that you sponsor. In addition, I can help key partners design contests with challenges to departments, small groups, or individuals to see who can best apply the skills and gain the most disposable income. You can give out prizes and incentives to further encourage them to implement this knowledge and teach others.

As you can see, there are countless ways to use this book to help grow and strengthen your organization. I have negotiated affordable volume pricing that can dramatically reduce your cost per unit in order to fit your budget. Help your organization expand its exposure to a much larger audience, help adults learn crucial success skills, and help the country turn around. Give me a call at 1-866-475-4675 or send me an email at ( today to take advantage of this opportunity.