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A) Sample Press Coverage:
Fox News
Star Paper
Free Press
Stateline Observer

B) Sample Press Release: Series Launch Press Release

C) #1 Best Seller Screen Shots:
#1 on Best Seller List
#1 on 2nd Best Seller List

D) Sample Endorsements, Comments, Amazon Reviews:
Jim Cockrum, Voted #1 Most Trusted Internet Entrepreneur
& Best Selling Author of Silent Sales Machine and Free Marketing
Audio Endorsement to Jim’s 100,000+ Following

Full List of Positive Comments/Reviews Comments List

E) Sample-Monthly Success Tips E-zine:
Dec, 2012 Edition
Nov, 2012 Edition

F) Sample Radio Interviews:
1) Ranked #3 Station–Chicago’s Mancow Experience
—–Nationally Syndicated to Millions See Today’s Show–AM Drive Time Guest
—–Short Clip of Interview Audio Snippet (before malfunction)
2) KNDK Maverick 105 Cheat Sheet Clip
3) This Week in America with Ric Bratton
4) WTTF Cool FM 93.3 Tiffin Interview
5) University of Windsor’s Big JD Show
6) NDAK 1080 P.A.L. Interview Clip
7) KNDK Maverick 105 Passive Income Streams Clip

G) Sample TV Interviews — 3 Week Fort Wayne Cable Series:
1) This Week In America-Wk 1 P.A.L. Blueprint to Success System Watch Show
2) This Week In America-Wk 2 Negotiation/Barter Skills Watch Show
3) This Week In America-Wk 3 Guerrilla Occupation Search System Watch Show

H) Sample Videos of Talks Given (see speaking tab for title examples):
[*See Jeff’s YouTube Channel @JeffWilsonToday For More]
1) Dream Big Goal Setting Process Watch Video
2) Achieving Goals & Life Balance Watch Video
3) Control Your Mind & Live in the Present Watch Video
4) Negotiation Mindset & Process Watch Video
5) Becoming Positive Daily Watch Video
6) Barter Skills & Winning Attitude Watch Video
7) Markup Path & Negotiation Examples Watch Video
8) Visualizations + Affirmations = Success Watch Video
9) Quiet Time & Daily Routine Watch Video
10) Becoming the Expert Watch Video

NOTE: Gives talks on any of these subjects: Life’s Cheat Sheets – Table of Contents

I) Short Success Tips Videos
[*Also See Jeff’s YouTube Channel @JeffWilsonToday For More]:
1) Why Do I Need to Control My Mind? Watch Video
2) How Does Having a Positive Attitude Help? Watch Video
3) Why Should I Learn Positive Habits? Watch Video
4) What are Visualizations and How Can They Help? Watch Video
5) What is your P.A.L Blueprint to Success System? Watch Video

J) Sample Audios of Talks:
1) Improptu NW State College Distinguished Alumni Award Unedited Casual Talk
2) Holland-Springfield Rotary 1st Time New Presentation
3) Epworth United Methodist Church Lunch Series Talk

K) Speaking Brochures (pdfs):
Brochure Full 4-Page Brochure
1-Page Summary Summary Flyer

L) Thumbnails of hi-resolution head shot photos, both black-and-white and color/CMYK, as well as a high resolution jpg of Life’s Cheat Sheets cover. Right click and choose “save as” on any of them to download the full jpg photo.

M) Full Table of Contents from Life’s Cheat Sheets as a pdf you can print or download or you can see-print it below. It details what areas are covered in this launch book.

Click Here: Life’s Cheat Sheets – Table of Contents

*****Table of Contents: Chapters Only*****
Company and Group Partnership Opportunities
Ch 1 Why Are These Subjects So Crucial to My Life?

P.A.L. Blueprint to Success System

Programming Your Mind
Ch 2 Control Your Mind, Control Your Future
Ch 3 Build & Maintain a Positive Attitude
Ch 4 Visions to Get Where You Want to Go
Ch 5 Uplifting Messages to Move You Forward (Affirmations)
Ch 6 Devour Growth Materials Daily (Read/Listen to Positive Messages)
Ch 7 Give Your Body Some Quiet Time (Meditation/Yoga)
Ch 8 Ideal Daily Routine to Success

Accelerate Success with Crucial Skills
Ch 9 Converting Your Wishes into Reality (Dream-Big Goal Planning)
Ch 10 Build Your Intrinsic Value with Marketing & Sales Savvy
Ch 11 Go Get What You Want (Occupation Job Search)
Ch 12 Hone Your Ability to Negotiate & Barter Everything
Ch 13 Got Time? (Effective Time Management)
Ch 14 It Is Who You Know (Network & Building Relationships)
Ch 15 Discreetly Become a Tech Nerd (Technology Advantages)

Life Planning 101
Ch 16 Don’t Trade Hours For $ (Build Multiple, Passive Income Streams)
Ch 17 It’s Not What You Make, It’s What You Keep and What You Do With That
(Financial Planning 101)
Ch 18 Determine Who Gets Your Stuff When You Kick It (Estate Planning 101)

Conclusion (You Just Completed Your First Big Goal)

Next in the Series: Crucial Financial Habits