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After buying his first, of many, rental homes at a sheriff’s auction as a 17 year old high school senior on a hall pass, Jeff became CFO by 21, COO at 27, CEO & millionaire at 31.

Jeff packs his 25+years of business experience/education into one easy-to-apply success message that is supported by his comprehensive Best-Seller on succeeding in life. He gives talks on any of the subjects in the Life’s Cheat Sheets series and on several business-related topics. The table of contents for the launch book-Success Habits can be found on the press page.

He has books coming out on mental focus, street-smart skillsets, future planning, financial (income growth and expense reduction), leadership, and negotiation with several due out this year. Look deeper into his background on the About Jeff page.

See a sample of one of his talks below and several others on the press page:
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Radio stations around the country have had him on talking on topics such as his negotiating everything process, reducing expenses and saving money in this economy, eliminating student debt, his guerrilla occupation search strategy, goal (promise) setting and achieving, etc. He’s very driven to help people that are struggling in this economy and ultimately did a 3-part TV cable series outlining several strategies to get ahead.

Examples of other talks include:
Become the CEO of Your Life
Negotiating/Bartering Everything
Intuitive Leadership Secrets
Control Your Mind, Control Your Future
Achieving Financial Stability Quicker
Turnaround Management Mindset
Be Connected: On and Offline
Guerrilla Occupation Search System
Win-Win Dispute Resolution
Goal (Promise) Setting & Achieving
Lead on Campus, Lead in Life
Stress-Free College Finances

Jeff speaks at Rotaries, Chambers, Annual Meetings, Parent & Church Groups, Staff Development Seminars, Retreats, Associations, Workshops, Colleges & High Schools, Governments & Non-Profits, Marketing & Sales Meetings, etc… He will customize his message to make the impact your organization is looking for.

Jeff block books to reduce everyone’s costs. He also gives a large discount for bulk book buys because he wants everyone to leave with the tools needed to take action and move their life to the next step. Since his books have “What Would Jeff Do” action steps at the end of each chapter, participants will walk away with a checklist of what to do next.

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P.S. If you have a speaker booked that cannot make it or cancels, he may be able to fill in on short notice and solve your problem.