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“Anyone with high personal aspirations will benefit from and appreciate Jeff’s common sense “cheat sheet” that flies in the face of the pervasive “entitlement mentality” that so many of us have fallen victim to. Life won’t hand you success, but you can and should hand this book to anyone that is seeking it.”
Jim Cockrum (
International Internet Business Expert
Author of The Silent Sales Machine

“This guide to real-world life skills should be a “must read” for all high school and college students and graduates. Written in easy-to-understand language with humor, relevant examples, and lots of references, this book constitutes a “handbook for success” that can be used by readers for years to come. If you want to guide your life in a positive direction, rather than simply react to the events of the day, this book is for you!”
Thomas Gutteridge
Dean, College of Business Administration
The University of Toledo

“Life’s success skills is a great topic to lead this series. It challenges young adults to think without limitations and expand their goals, outline a plan to accomplish them, and accelerate their completion by taking action to get ahead of the crowd.”
Tom Schmidt
President & CEO
Ed Schmidt Auto Group

“As much as I like to see the 100’s of investors in our audience each month, some seem paralyzed in the education mode unable to take the next step and actually invest in properties. Jeff’s book can make you finally ‘take action,’ jump start your life, and get ahead in your investing career now. Can’t wait for MORE.”
Anna Mills, Realtor & Real Estate Investor
President, Toledo Real Estate Investors Association
Past President, Ohio & National REIA

“I applaud Jeff’s purpose, which is to keep young adults from entering the rat race many adults find themselves in by showing them how to avoid the paycheck to paycheck trap. His book and teachings should be a part of our primary education in this country. I will be buying three copies, one for each of my children to use as their roadmap to success.”
Scott Meyers (
President, Alcatraz Storage & Real Estate Investor
Author of a complete guide to buying self storage facilities

“Jeff’s book shows young adults how to broaden their thinking to achieve bigger goals than they thought possible, map out a strategy for achieving them, then kick start their life by completing steps on the path toward finishing their most important goals right away.”
Pamela Rose (
AARE, CAI & International Auctioneer Champion
President of Pamela Rose Auction Company, LLC

“Jeff has been an entrepreneur since high school; in his “What Would Jeff Do” chapter endings, he gives some great practical step-by-step actions you can take to apply these habits on your journey to success.”
Teresa Knisely, Independent Consultant
Executive Regional Vice President
Arbonne International

“Crucial success habits is a great start for this series. After reading this one, we can’t wait for the next one on financial habits.”
Lillian Miller, MD and Robert Miller, PhD
Physician/Practice Partner and Research Scientist
Parents of four children who will benefit from this material